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AR15 Magazines

Hey guys I've been seeing a lot of magazine sales going on, currently I have a mix of Pmags and steel magazines and they've been working great thus far. I saw an ad for a 40 round AR15 magazines, I wanna say it was from CProducts or one of the other manufacturers CProducts is where I get all of my steel magazines. I was just wondering if any of you have played around with the 40 round magazines at all? I know with some of the cheaper magazines the spring isnít strong enough to push 40 rounds through it... So long story short I was just wondering if you guys have used them before and if you have how they worked for you? I thought it might be a bit fun to pick up a few of them
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Old 11-16-2012, 08:41 PM   #2
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Isn't a 40rd magazine rediculously long?

Get Chinese Beta clone or two if you want capacity!
Old 11-17-2012, 07:41 PM   #3
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The higher than 30 rnd capacity mags are usually prone to feed problems (exception might be the new surefire, I've heard good things) I had a beta for my G36K in Kosovo and it was neat but there were always issues. The asian knock offs I've seen have been horrible. I've had some good mags from C-products but I bought a crap load of their SR25 mags for my OBR and they are all complete junk. I seriosuly want to cram them up someones ass for passing them off as squared away.

I always advise guys to buy P-mags. Ultra reliable, cheap and easy to clean. Our guns and magazines are constantly going in and out of trunks or bags and aluminum mags get dented, baseplates get damaged or feed lips get bent. Not a problem with the magpuls. stay away from the tapco polymer mags - they have been nothing but garbage. Lancers are ok but no advantage over the Pmag.

If you want the bigger capacity, spend the extra cash and try the surefire 60.

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From: Seattle
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Alrighty, thanks Brian, that's what I figured, I just thought I would ask before I went out and bought a few of them. So far all of my Pmags and CProduct steel magazines have been great. I have yet to have any failure to feeds or jamming issues with it.

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