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.22 Hornet

I bought a 77/22 Hornet used recently and am wishing I had done some homework before I decided to buy it. First of all the Hornet brass is real thin and has to be reloaded carefully. I took it to the range yesterday and it wouldn't group at all with factory ammo and several different handload recipes. It's on the bench now. The barreled action is sloppy in the stock and if I loosen the front action screw the barrel raises anout a 1/8" which means it's bound up. I've never bedded a ruger before so wish me luck. I'm going to play with some shims before bedding. Everything has to be right or I could bugger up the magazine fit etc. I wanted to take this Sage Rat shooting, but that probably won't happen now. It was a good buy though! Ken
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hmmm.. looks like they may suffer from a little split personality.

Some guys say they shoot well, others dump a bunch of work in..

Bolt work, and bedding seem to be the two common fixes for a rifle grouping poorly.
Possibly trigger work was another fix I saw.

I'd figure out the cost for each.. then decide weather you want to invest in either, or sell the rifle as-is and look for a better base platform?
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IIRC Tactical Solutions makes a v block that is supposed to cure the barrel sag for the Ruger 10/22, probably make one for that model too.
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From: Corvallis OR
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I floated the barrel and shimmed the front of the action enough to relieve the stress. I wanted to shoot it before proceeding further. I just got back from the range and it's still not right. I got it to about 1 1/4" at 100 yards and better at 50 yds. I'm going to order some bolt shims and see if that improves it any. Anyway, it's a lot better than yesterday.

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