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CCW question- Utah reciprocity?

I have a WA CCW and will be working in Utah soon for 2 weeks. When I looked to see if Utah had reciprocity with WA, I found that Utah honors "RESIDENTIAL permits only". WTF does that mean?

Washington CCW Concealed Carry Hand Gun Legal Info
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Utah Department of Public Safety
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Like me get a non-resident Utah CFP so you can carry their and 31 other states.
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Originally Posted by reppinthe509 View Post
Crazy that their site is no longer up and the domain is for sale...
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Here is the best site for finding reciprocity:

Concealed Carry Permit Reciprocity Maps - USA Carry

It's a map that shows you which states you can and cannot carry in depending on which state(s) you have a CHL/CWP in.
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That's an awesome site!

My folks live in AZ and we also have family in OR. Looks like those 2 places would cover the bulk of where I'd ever go...
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So, I realize the original question is really old, but noone directly answered it yet.

What Utah is indicating by "resident permit" only is that they only recognize the permit for the state you live in. If you live in OR, but have a WA (non-resident) permit, it is not recognized by Utah, or some other states.

A lot of people from out of state apply for Utah or FL permits that are honored most places, but some states don't like that idea, so they only honor permits from the state of residence of the individual.

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