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Oregon CCW

I know Oregon does not have reciprocity with Washington but I just wonder if just driving thru should one unload and stow their weapon or do you guys adopt a "better safe than sorry" stance and just continue carrying. Might be one stop (gas, maybe).

Interested in your thoughts on this. I mean, do you really need to stop, unload and stow when you cross over?
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You can take a free online course and then apply for a license next time you go through. ;)

(I know that didn't answer your question, but it's what I've got... ;) )
Old 04-30-2013, 02:11 AM   #3
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From: Coos Bay, OR
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I would highly suggest it...stopping and unloading and stowing that is... when you cross over from Wa to most likely do so through Portland...with Portland's NEW GUN LAW, you could be arrested for breaking the law by having a loaded magazine. Having an OHL/CCP/CCL you would not need to worry about it...not having one...fine and jail time! SO not worth it!!!!!! Just stop before you cross the border...unload and stow!!!! Better safe than sorry!!
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From: Sherwood, OR
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I would stop and unload if I were you. Especially in the Portland area.

It is pretty easy to get an OR permit. They do allow non-residents from adjacent states to get permits. That way you don't have to worry about it.

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