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Legal seminar on lethal force, Jan. 28, 2017

I'm hosting two speakers for a legal seminar on lethal force. In a nutshell, it's about what you need to know if you get in a gunfight.

The course will be taught by a law enforcement detective and a defense attorney. I've trained several times with both the presenters...both of them have a wealth of knowledge and are gifted speakers.

We're all gun people and there are lots of fascinating subjects to talk about, but solid discussions about use of force are rare. Most of us know little about it, and much of what is "known" is misunderstood.

If you win your gunfight, it will save your life. Understanding the material in this course will save you from going to jail afterwards.

January 28, 2017
Woodinville, WA

Sign up here

Course description:

Navigating the Gray: Lethal Force Articulation

Violent encounters aren’t over when the fight is won. There will be questions to answer regarding your use-of-force actions and consequences depending on how you answer those questions. You must know what to do after you have successfully defended yourself.

This course will cover the procedural investigative methods relating to violent crime and death. You will gain the skill to successfully articulate your actions in a manner acceptable to law enforcement and understand the consequences of poor articulation. Everything depends on how you explain and illustrate your thoughts and actions.

By understanding the procedures, style and manner of law enforcement thought, you will build confidence in your use-of-force options.

Before you encounter real violence, you must be ready and able to physically defend yourself. Once you’ve won the fight, you must know what to do to protect yourself in the aftermath.

Course Topics:

*When, where, why, and how to notify police
*Navigating the initial contact and investigative detention
*Miranda Rights - to invoke or not invoke: Consequences and perceptions from the investigator’s viewpoint
*Investigator management: The interview
*Understanding Procedural Investigative Efforts: the canvass, search warrants, orders to obtain, and Interviews
*Surviving the background investigation: Social media, trained vs. untrained, public persona, etc.
*The Invaluable Art of Articulation: Knowing what and how much to say, to whom and when
*The Criminal Investigation: Do I go home or to jail?
*Perceptions of the charging attorney
*Misconceptions: Equipment, Miranda, Voluntariness, etc.
*What to say to your lawyer

This course, delivered in an easy-to-understand, common sense approach, will provide you with the understanding and confidence in the use-of-force actions you take in violent encounters.

“JN” is a Detective Sergeant with one of the largest sheriff's offices in the United States. His background, with approximately 13 years of violent crime investigation, includes time in Patrol, SWAT, and Investigations. As a former Organized Crime, Violent Crime and Homicide Detective, he was promoted to Detective Sergeant and ran one of the largest counter-terrorism and intelligence units under the Department of Homeland Security and Terrorism Liaison Officer umbrella. His remarks on navigating the post-shooting “gray areas” are based on professional and personal experiences on both sides of the table.

“JB” is a criminal defense attorney in Alaska. He has completed more jury trials than any other attorney currently practicing law in the state. He has tried—and won—a number of cases that centered on the issue of self-defense. He has become the legal expert other attorneys look to for cases involving weapons or the use of force.
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Sounds great. Thanks for posting it, I will have to check my calendar, but I think that I will be there. :)
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I just spoke with the LEO that is leading this presentation.

"Whoever sees this will learn stuff they can't without being Mirandized."

I can't give a better recommendation than that.

The website link has been updated:

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