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AR-15 for home defense

People wonder how to build AR-15 gun. But the process is easy, and you need a lot of perseverance. The AR-15 is an excellent tool for home defense. The weapon performs accurately and is versatile. The thing is you can mount a lot of accessories and have outstanding results as well. AR-15 Gun Builder team gave me several positives about the rifle and made me realize itís importance.
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you can opt to explore your skills with the 80% lower and also avoid all that legal hassle.

This why Inslee is trying to outlaw home made firearms. He reasoning: To know where everyone is.

Here is an outstanding FACT from the last century.

100% of the countries that forced gun registration, forced gun confiscation within 5 years then killed 265 million of its own people.

When the left wins the white house, they will change the definition of a sporting rifle and
when they know you have it, you can either pay a lot of money, and go thru checks OR have it taken away.

We the People have been making guns at home since 1650. All of a sudden this is bad.

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