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Angry 595 won. 591 lost. What's next?

So, the elections are over and Washington's I-595 won and I-591 lost. What's next? Lawsuits?
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591 lost, what's next...?

The 591 website/email stated this morning that they working on that problem. I feel it's a step in the right direction, so I sent them a $25 donation. Citizens in 90% of the area of the state voted for 591 and against 594, but liberal Seattle area carried the day again. Maybe we need to split from western WA and the billionaires whose big money sways elections. 594 isn't going to prevent any crime, police say it will be impossible to enforce especially with their limited manpower and money. So what is left? Legal challenges?
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From: Bellingham, WA
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I understand that the counting isn't complete yet. So we may still have a chance.
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Originally Posted by frotz View Post
I understand that the counting isn't complete yet. So we may still have a chance.
There is a 20 point gap. Nearly 100% of votes left to be counted would have to be for it. I can't see that happening.
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Had the NRA stepped up like they should have, 594 would have failed. But, once again, the NRA has dropped the ball and left people out in the cold. With the millions Bloomberg and his minions poured down the gullet of the Yes campaign, I think it has the NRA running scared. It's issues like these where the NRA needs to step up. Without any real backing, the No campaign was doomed from the start. No TV ads, barely any rebuttal to the sappy, sloppy, emotional ads the anti-gunners smeared over the air waves with no opposition.

Shame on the NRA. I won't be renewing and I hope more people follow suit. This is prime example that they are more interested in money than protecting our 2nd Amendment right. For the NRA to ignore this is purely shameful and I hope members rethink their memberships and perhaps look seriously at other organizations that can use our support.
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591, 595, lost, won

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