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Ex felon wanting to buy my first firearm...

Hello pnwguns. I am 22 years old and during my first month of being 18 I got a felony class b for the distribution of marijuana. It was only 4 grams. I retained representation and still got screwed. I got a plea deal that would lower it to a class a misdemeanor 2 years after the conviction and then expungement a year after the reduction. I am in the process of getting the class a misdemeanor expunged now. I tried to buy a glock 17 over the counter and got denied because I said on the federal application I have had a felony. What do I do? How can I get my right back? I can't belive selling my friend a little weed when I was 18 has messed up my life this bad. Any and all help is appreciated
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From: Tigard , OR
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These forums have rather light traffic. Try at It's California-centric, but there are lots of non-Californians there.
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there are some old threads on this topic on this thread. might be under Oregon, might be under Gun Rights.

Just look around. It's been discussed a bit here before.
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It's about 8 threads down from this one....

Click me ------->Convicted Felons Can Own A Firearm In Oregon


Originally Posted by voodoogodman View Post
I just called James O'Rourke CLICK ME----->>>>(Gun Rights Attorney, Restoration of Gun Rights Lawyer Portland, OR Criminal Defense Lawyer)

Turns out this law can be kind of misleading. It doesn't give felons their rights back. It only lowers the crime of possession to a misdemeanor. He said the only way to restore your rights is to apply to have the felony expunged.

I know this is a pretty old thread, but anyone looking, as I did, for information on this topic may find it and wonder.

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After you have been denied you must submit this form.........
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I understand why you answered that way, but why when you said the original crime has been lowered to a misdemeanor and then expunged. The crime therefor is not a felony........right???????
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I'm surprised the gun store even tried to run your application if you answered yes. If in fact it was reduced to a misdemeanor,you should answer that question with a NO. Good luck.
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Good luck

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