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Why does body armor expire?

As the Political terrorist incidents worsens and escalates constantly, protective equipment has gradually got into the public view. Faced with so many choices, people always take many factors into consideration, one of which is the expiration of protective product.
Then why does body armor expire? How long does body armor last? Here are interpretations for these questions.
All the protective products are made of one or several materials, and with the passage of time, all materials will age gradually, and the structural performance will deteriorate slowly there. At the same time, materials all have their specific characteristics in structure and stability. Therefore, all protective products have expirations and the expiration always varies from one to another based on the material. Many people think body armors must remain useful within its valid period, but this was not the case. The protective effect of bulletproof products during the warranty period is affected by many factors, such as material, use frequency, maintenance and product size.
1. Material
The material of body armor is one of the important factors affecting its service life. Just like all organic materials, the materials used for making bulletproof products will degrade gradually over time, resulting in a decline in their performance. Different materials have different structures and stabilities, so body armors made of different materials have different expirations. Now, body armor can be made of many materials, like kevlar, PE, steel and ceramics, etc., and there are also some differences in their service life.
For example, soft armor deteriorates much faster than hard armor and is particularly vulnerable to heat and wetness (Once a soft armor is completely saturated with water, it should be replaced immediately). PE armor always shows a stronger high-temperature resistance than kevlar armor.
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