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What are the difference between AR-15 and M-4?

If you notice both the M-4 and the AR-15, there is one common difference. AR-15 Vs. M4 is one hot debate to look out for.The M-4 is a fully automatic weapon that is available for only the armed forces.When you compare both the AR-15 and the M-4, you can notice that the barrel size alone differs. Many people are seemingly interested in the AR-15 vs M-4 war.The AR-15 is known to use a 16-inch barrel. But when you see the M-4, it contains a 14.5-inch barrel.
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AR15 is a full sized rifle, 20 inch barrel, A2 full stock., long buffer and tube.
What I recommend beginners use. I was an armorer for 20 years and the A2 system is more rugged and shoots further than the carbine M4.
Now thee is the pistol length which is really confusing. I hang will pile of wee Asian gals.
They all carry pistols like you or I would carry a rifle. Different strokes for different folks.

Standard barrel length for an M4 is 16 inches. The 14 inch is for carrying in a auto.
You have to weld and pin the flash hider or you have a short barreled rifle.
We tyr and stay out of the ATFs grey area.

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