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I know some people do not like LEO'S but come on! Open Carry altercation

For one let me state that I am a supporter of open carry. As long as a person is just going about their day, I do not have an issue with it after all it is right guaranteed by the Constitution.

I also believe a person should not have to ID themselves to police if they have not commuted a crime or a ticketed offence. But if an officer has a valid reason for needing your information and explains his cause for the request or order, you should comply, verbally object if you want but comply.

Up for discussion is a post about a man, who IMHO just seemed bat crap crazy to act the way he did to officers.

I do not agree though with their belief that they had a right to steal his property for 24 hours or so when no citations or charges were issued.

What do you think?

63 year old Open Carry Advocate Acts A Fool After Jaywalking

JYD Points Of View - TheJunkYardNews: How Not To Act When You Open Carry
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I'm not sure there is much to discuss here. Like the article said, the police were more conerned with his general actions than the gun, and he was stopped for an actual infraction (jaywalking).

The guy has some issues, and as far as I'm concerned, this isn't even really an OC story, it is a moron who also happened to have a gun story.

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