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OllieOtis 09-27-2015 06:24 AM

If you could get only one rifle?

Kind of a newb here, so apologies in advance for all stupid questions and comments...

I'm getting back into shooting after a decade plus hiatus, and am looking for some help in getting a new rifle. Comparing what is available today versus what I spent my time learning on (M16 A1) is daunting given all the options and my complete lack of experience with optics, ballistics calculators, and all the other shit I know nothing about. And I know I'm a fool for thinking I can get a one size fits all, but for the next few years that's the reality of where I'm at. I want to get one quality rifle for hunting and focus on getting to know it well.

So far, what I've come up with is the Remington 700, 7mm mag as my first choice. Here's a little more info though:

- I've saved up $6k for everything, including optics, etc. I can't easily afford this, but really want to do it once and do it right. Would go slightly higher if it made the difference
- main purpose is hunting but a friend is in to longer range shooting which frankly sounds fun as hell. Not to mention I'm sure it would help my overall game
- Don't have the time to get into reloading, etc. so I want to stay with relatively available factory cartridges that don't cost a small fortune

Any and all advice welcome! Particularly when it comes to optics as the rifle itself seems to be the easy part in this decision.

Oh yeah, and advice on where to go in NW Oregon to make the purchase and fine tune options would also be welcome!

Thanks in advance!

koorbloh 09-27-2015 09:32 AM

There was a LARGE recall of the Remington 700's in the past years, of basically all of them. Any repaired or newer 700 should meet the reputation that they have: GOOD RIFLES.

I prefer a bolt in a solid caliber, if I had just one rifle, and that's what you've chosen.

Oh, and get a good scope.

*If I had $6k to buy a shooting hobby, I'd be well set up for several years.

PiNk TCP 09-27-2015 10:56 AM

My choice, a Remington Model 700™ SPS™ Varmint in .308 Win, 26" heavy contour barrel (0.820" Muzzle O.D.) the scope is a Leupold VX-3L 3.5-10x50mm with Boone & Crockett Reticle.

EDIT: The link I posted is basically what I have but in SS, I bought my 700 at Cabela's a few years ago, it was a Cabela's Exclusive Model at the time.

OllieOtis 09-27-2015 02:44 PM

Many thanks! Looks like I'm not far off with where to start.

sunofnun 09-28-2015 07:34 AM

i'm a huge fan of remington 700s.

I like .308 as a round, cause you can hunt pretty much everyting with it, and you can still get surplus ammo to shoot..

OllieOtis 09-28-2015 02:52 PM

Yep, definitely leaning towards the .308 now based on feedback here and further research on my end. Gonna keep researching further, but I think I've settled on the rifle for now. Just need to figure out optics next, which is where I'm guessing most of my budget is gonna go towards. I need it all though, including case, safe, ammo to last me for a little while, etc. etc.

Thanks for the help!

sunofnun 09-29-2015 12:17 PM

no prob! what is on your short list for optics choices?

OllieOtis 10-02-2015 06:29 AM

Well... Now I'm on to the .300 Win Mag and am considering a Kimber as well as the Remington 700. For optics I've been looking at the Swarovski z5 or z6 series, 3x18. Way to many choices out there and while I want to go once and go big (relatively speaking for my experience level), the price tag on those scopes are hard to get my head wrapped around. Especially considering all the other goodies I'll still need to buy. I've had to many other experiences in life though where starting out cheap or mid range just ended up costing me a lot more in the long run...

echo1 10-05-2015 02:41 PM

I have dozens of rifles, but my fav go to is a '52 Savage 99F in .308 scoped with a 2X7 Tasco Omnivision. I'm not needy enough to $pend more on a set up than I would pay for a car. PAX

ducrider 10-08-2015 07:19 PM

scar 17

taku 10-09-2015 03:13 AM

A Sharps 45-120 or 50-120

gimpy 10-12-2015 11:53 PM

If I were to start over, I'd probably get a .308 in a Savage. Plus I'd get a scope that costs about as much as the rifle. Excellent quality on both items and you'd be set better than most. :top:

35remington 10-17-2015 06:58 AM

I think the best way to try out a gun you dont have but are interrested in is bring some cash and a box of factory ammo remington winchester out to the range and say I am interrested in what you have can i shoot it here is some money or here is my left over brass or both. Worked for me. People like when you bring something to the party, so be polite and make the other person feel they are not doing you a favor but you are there biggest fan and when you get setup you may have someone reload you ammo to your guns liking. Good luck.

Coyotegunner 10-29-2015 06:50 PM

ducrider beat me to it.
I have owned many and still have several.Rifles are like art to me.
As I have aged a scope is big deal for my old eyes..I grew up with military type peep sights.
My favorite gun if I only had one was a Springfield M1A, for a long time.
Going back over 38 years my hunting rifle of choice was 300 Winchester Mag with a scope of course.My first one,a Parker Hale had a Leupold VXII 3-9.I use a Tikka Stainless these days with a Nikon 4-16 Monarch on it.
If your budget supports it.Take a hard look at a FN SCAR17 in 308.I got one a few years ago.Installed a Timney trigger.Installed Burris scope mount and a Leupold Mark4 8.5-25.It also has been set up with the Vltor bipod(side mount).
That scope I still own after I had it repaired once.Love Leupold warranty.Something happened to the inside coating.While it was in for repair,I installed a Burris Signature 6-24 with a mildot reticle I had stored away.Leupold went on a long range gun I have.
Anyway back to the rifle.It likes 150gr bullets.Yes I reload.It will one hole at 200yds.It shoots every bit as well as my bolt guns.I have some quality bolt guns.In 308 my favorite is a older Rem 700 Police as example.My Kimbers,Sakos,Tikkas,Brownings have nothing on that semi automatic.
Take a look at the Zeiss scopes with RZ8 reticle.I need to buy one I guess to verify what they should do.I believe they are under $1K.Thought I would mention them,because I need some feedback before I drop that kind of money.
I like Nightforce,Leupold,Nikon,the better Bushnells($1K models)Zeiss.Not sure about the new Burris's.Vortex Vipers have been pretty fair.Like that Zeiss,I have not tried the Razor.S&B the cost prohibits me from them.Swarovski,I will never wait 11 months for a warranty on one again.
The Scar 17.I am sure about that.I had to get the 16 as well.
Save a little money for a Ruger 10-22 and a shotgun.I think folks should have all 3

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