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Dinkers542 03-21-2016 06:03 PM

Found a Thompson Submachine Gun in my Grandfathers basement
Hi Everyone!
New here on this forum and I am here to find some info. My Grandfather passed about 6 months ago and as i was going through old pictures i found a bag under all of the old photo albums.

In the bag was a thompson Submachine gun, fire selector and all. Its in fantastic condition with three mags full of dusty old ammo. Foregrip and no stock. Furnature looks to be newer than its original production.

In WA I know it's illegal to have weapons that are full auto. But is there any Grandfather clause for original owners of these weapons? I would like to keep it in my collection and shoot it but I also dont want to get in trouble for having it. Is selling an option if I can't keep it?


Fast Eddie 03-23-2016 01:12 AM

Lawyer, free consultation.

FatFugg 03-24-2016 10:29 PM

Delete this thread before your dog gets shot & consult a lawyer!

To my knowledge you are SOL & it will need to be destroyed, but I've been known to be wrong.

echo1 03-25-2016 02:34 PM

I can be there in 16 hours to make sure you're OK and not on your way to the fed med. PM me for directions. PAX

BillM 03-26-2016 06:02 AM

You are probably screwed. Even if it is already on the NFA registry (doubtful)
you are in Washington---and state law prohibits possession.

These folks will know what the process is to turn it in to be destroyed.

Dinkers542 03-26-2016 07:37 AM

Thanks for giving me a directon! Contacting the ATF on Monday.

FatFugg 03-27-2016 11:29 AM


Originally Posted by Dinkers542 (Post 34029)
Contacting the ATF on Monday.

Why not contact a lawyer first? The ATF will lead you in whatever direction accomplishes their current agenda. A lawyer will see if their is anyway that either you could keep it or at least sell it, instead of turning it over to the ATF to be thrown in a chipper shredder.

Fast Eddie 03-31-2016 06:03 PM


Originally Posted by Dinkers542 (Post 34029)
Thanks for giving me a directon! Contacting the ATF on Monday.

So how did that work out?

sunofnun 04-11-2016 11:42 AM

I wanna see it!!!!

Trick 06-15-2016 08:55 PM

Sure you have your reasons for posting this, but dang this depresses me.

sunofnun 06-16-2016 11:34 AM

Yeah.. whats the verdict?

Fast Eddie 07-14-2016 12:13 AM

I'd like to offer the OP a duck hunting trip guided by Dick Cheney in exchange for the rest of the story.

Full Disclosure:
I have no guarantee that Mr Cheney will even take my phone calls. He thinks his dry jokes about restraining orders and anti stalking aren't as funny as I did.i think he is mad because it seems like I was laughing too hard at his jokes so I would seem more like able to him. Which may have been a little true.

miniwini 11-29-2017 06:09 AM

Maybe your Grandfather was part of some Mafia :D
Show us some photos :D

Cheers :D

Josey Wales 10-19-2020 08:22 PM

Turn it into the cops today. Mandatory 5 in washingrad.
If the feds see it, you will not see the light of day.

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