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Garage sailing scores today

Hi All,

Was on a mission today to find a toy chest for my grand daughter. So I tooled through the usual thrift shops to no avail. On my way back to the barn, I made a couple slight detours following garage sale signage on my quest. The last place I stopped at before leaving the settlement didn't have much of interest, until I noticed an obvious milsurp strap hanging out of a plastic bin. Gun stuff......hooray. OD canvas grenade pouch, Chinese chest rig, black leather cowboy holster, and an Uncle Mikes large frame shoulder holster, 10 bucks!!! All in great shape. Got to talkin with the fella about what a screwed up mess Kali is in, and he tells me I just missed out on a ton of reloading gear. We're BSin and such, and as I'm leavin, he asks me if I've got a .357, "Yup" says I, and he gives me a plastic container full of new .357 HP boolits and a speed loader. Score, hole in one.

I did stop at a "Everything must go" yard sale, when I got back to the home strip. Found a Rubbermaid toy chest for dirt, and the Piece d'resistance, brand spankin new industrial strength garage shelving. It was a good day at Black Rock. PAX

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