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19 year old buy handgun?

Hello, I am 19 and have been trying to read up on the gun laws in wa and or, but am unclear on some. So I know 18-21 yr olds could purchase handguns through private party, but i saw something that said wa and or recently passed laws banning private party sales? Can somebody help clear this up for me, and if its possible, how would I go about purchasing a handgun. Also, even if i do not own the handgun, I am allowed to be in possession of a handgun if its unloaded, and I am on my way to go shooting? Thanks guys, just want to get these questions cleared up.
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If you will go to this link, you can see the WA law on possession by 18-21 yr olds.
RCW 9.41.240: Possession of pistol by person from eighteen to twenty-one.
RCW 9.41.240: Possession of pistol by person from eighteen to twenty-one.
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I think you can because you are 21 right now. All the best!
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You can not buy a handgun or sporting rifle until you are 21.
Shotguns and rifles at 18.

This is how bad this state sucks for you youngsters. I bought my first shotgun at 16 from a Chevron gas station outside of Renton.
Used to by ammo at 16 anywhere, gas stations, JC Pennys. Sears Monkey Wards etc.

I quit buying ammo 2 decades ago. If you want to know how to make ammo. we can get together and show you how easy it is.
Right now you cant even buy the stuff to make any. Thats why I have been collecting it since 2001.

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