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From SW WA to the Northwest States

I do a bit of Trash Talk. I also pick up a lot of trash. So much so, that I started a nonprofit organization, called Trash No Land, to represent Recreational Target Shooters on public land.

It breaks my heart to see the disrespect some people have for our privilege to shoot on public land. We get a bad rap as undesirables in the woods and some public land management agencies are not too keen on recognizing us as a viable recreational activity or group. I blame the irresponsible ones who just don't care. Most shooters I meet in the woods are down right good folk and desire to do it right, however, the few who don't are hurting the reputation and future of public land shooting for all gun owners.

I was rather embarrassed the first time I took my son out target shooting because of so much trash. So I gathered up some fellow gun owners and we started cleaning up shooting sites. Since 2014, we've removed tons of trash from public land. But it keeps coming back. Seems like more trash lately with the higher cost of dumping fees and all the recent gun sales. So I started the organization Trash No Land to help do more.

This is our first year as a nonprofit organization and we're growing our membership to help be as effective as we can. We work with forest management agencies to improve recreational shooting in several areas. We distribute target shooting information including rules, ethics, and tips for fun/safe shooting. We do cleanup-n-shoot events as often as we can. We're planning several fun day shoots (without the cleanup part but with BBQ lunch and prizes), raffles and other good shooter related things. We're also promoting the development of Improved Shooting Lanes. All to raise awareness, promote responsible shooting and make a better great outdoors for all.

Just ask @Caveman Jim. He's a dedicated member of TNL and has been to several of our cleanups. He even drives from somewhere West of Olympia all the way down to Washougal Washington to participate in events. The kind of guy you want on your team!

Please visit the website and volunteer for an event or two! We'd love to have you join us!

Trash No Land Home

Thanks All,

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It would be nice to see these assholes fined and mandated community service. I have never left so much as a stray cartridge or any other kind of trash in the woods. This is the kind of thing you would expect to see from meth heads or bums.

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