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From: Renton, Washington
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Hello. I need help.


I am here because I need helping finding my dads guns. He passed and his collection was only willed to us verbally in front of his wife. She is rabid anti gun and thus stated my dads collection was sold. It breaks my heart, so I am just here to track down and purchase the guns our father wanted us to inherit. I have no idea how to do this because she won’t give us serial numbers. Washington state.

We live in TX.

So... now I’m here. Hopefully to figure out if this is possible and figure out how large a check I need to write once I find them.
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Start with the town she lived in when they were sold, then check surrounding gun and pawn stores.
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Sorry to hear of your dilemma, but I think you're going to have a tough time recovering any of it without incurring much time and denero.

Any friends close to her you can contact would be the best place to start?

Also, you might start contacting the local shops and see if she consigned them. Likely she didn't do it piece meal. Maybe she gave them to the local police.

You could buy a page in the local newspaper that explains the event and your inquiry. Might really luck out, but mostly an exercise in futility if much time has passed.

How many witnesses to the verbal? Might go with a legal attack. Consult your local attorney and see if you have any recourse. Check with Washington probate counsel to see what the law is there. This is where you start spending a lot of money, just to find out what legal grounds you have. If you have a foot to stand on, and his collection was valuable, you could sue.

Surviving spouse usually trumps all. PAX

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