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Cerberus Training Group - August Class


10-11 Run the Gun - Rifle

Learn to the run the gun, so the gun does not run you.

This 1 or 2 day class is made to instill the fundamentals of efficiency and accuracy into the use of your chosen firearm.

We work with you, your firearm and related equipment with manipulations and drills that are logical and proven to be effective and useful well past the range. No industry standard or watered down content that so often fails to relate to the street. We will cover all aspects of utilizing your firearm to improve overall performance and accuracy, while learning how to focus on your surroundings, not the platform. You will understand how the brain works in taking in the information and properly absorbing it so that productive execution of the training is maintained.

Every student has told us this is far from being a basic our opinion, necessary skills that every shooter should be solid on. This course is applicable to everyone from the casual yet competent shooter to the advanced shooter. It will challenge and develop your skills as a shooter so you're solid with manipulations, engagement and awareness, yielding results through hands-on experience that you can build upon for your future training.

The One day class will thoroughly cover;

Safety brief & Medical plan
Different optics and accessories - Pistol or Rifle
Effective shooting stance
Proper weapon grip
Recoil control
Sight alignment
Sight picture using magnified and or electronic optics - Pistol or Rifle
Proper zero and confirmation of them. (Range dependent on distance)
Trigger control
Manipulation of your firearm platform
Malfunctions of the Pistol or Rifle
and more…

Day two will cover;

Positional Shooting
Barricades and Obstacles
Shooting from distance
and more...

This is not a basic class. You need to be solid with safety, fundamentals and the operation of your chosen firearm. Choose the Foundation course first.

If you would like to shoot-

1 day class - 750 rounds

2 day class - 1250 Rounds

Class starts at 0900 and runs for 8-10 hrs per day

Muzzle Brakes : Due to the possible long term residual effects of their use, from not only the decibel level, but also from the concussion which can lead to possible damage of the inner ear containing an organ which produces nerve impulses in response to sound vibrations, we are no longer allowing them on the range.

If you remove your brake prior to arriving at our facility, I have standard flash hiders to use at no cost to you. Let me know ahead of time.
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