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From: Portland, OR
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Out of state buyer needs help

Hey guys, new to the forums. I moved to the Portland area from Wisconsin recently. I still have a WI license and places on my car. I haven't changed them over yet. I did some reading and it is legal to do face to face sales of firearms in Oregon.

I have an AR-15 upper that I am looking to complete. Problem is, no dealer is able to sell a lower to me until I get an Oregon ID. I am putting it off because if I change my car insurance to Oregon, it will literally triple..

My question is, if I meet up with someone privately selling a complete lower, is it legal for them to sell me the lower when I am out of state. Living here, but don't have Oregon anything really..


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From: Sherwood, OR
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The question would be are you an Oregon resident. Is this now your permanent home? I would look into the OR regs if I were you on the technicalities. I seem to remember it spelling out the requirements of "residency", there may be a time requirement, but that could just be to get a permit.

I was going to post a link, but the OR website doesn't seem to be working right now. They probably connected it to the Obamacare website somehow.

Either way, I think it might be OK to sell long guns across state lines anyway, just not handguns.
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From: Portland, OR
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Yeah I know handguns are out of the question. And lowers are not long guns, they are considered "others" I am not an Oregon resident... I am a Wisconsin resident even though I have been here for more than a month, I should be an Oregon resident. Like I said, I am holding it off because my car insurance would triple.
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From: Silverton, OR
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Lowers are either Long guns or Handgun depending on if they are listed depending on which way they are originally listed in the dealers paperwork.

You have 30 days to get your license changed over or are in violation.
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If your not a resident you should use a FFL to transfer the "gun" (lower).

That's the safe play that won't come back to bite you down the road.
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From: Gresham, OR
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I am still hung up on the car insurance being triple? Is car insurance that cheap in Wisconsin? Or are you just a shitty-ass driver? ( no offense) But, I dont have a great record, and I pay double anyone else I know in Oregon. and it is still below 150 a month.... The last thing I am doing is buying a $600 dollar rifle... IDK, maybe my priorities are off.
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From: Bremerton
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I'm guessing it's that wisconsin has lower rates of theft & accident due to less population density. I know my rates are usually higher in seattle than a rural area well outside the city.

That said, if you've lived in the state for more than 30-90 days (usually) you're required by law to switch your plates & ID.
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If you are trying to save a dollar now it may end up costing you a lot more down the road with fines etc. I'd shop around on the car insurance. I believe though if listed as a long gun you should be able to purchase from out of state. Can't buy handguns from FFL if out of state.

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