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2 April 2016 Bend, Oregon Gas Gun Match

We will be having a Gas Gun match in Central Oregon on Saturday 2 April 2016. Match fee is $25 and you can register on Practiscore (see link below). After range fees are paid the match fees will go to the veteran charity The Red Circle Foundation. Match description is below.

Where: This competition will take place at the Central
Oregon Shooting Sports Association (COSSA) ranges located approximately 24.3 Miles east of Bend, Oregon. Follow Highway 20 east out of Bend to approximately MP 24.3 and turn north at the Shooting Range sign on Highway 20. COSSA has over 800 acres of premier range facilities available and is well known for the John
Nosler 1,000 yard range and facility. This competition will consist of 5 stages of DM precision rifle competition. The stages will be conducted over challenging and varied terrain.

General: Pre registration is required. The maximum number of shooters and staff accepted will be 18. Once the 18 slots are filled, we will create a waiting list and make notifications when and if openings become available. The COSSA 200 Yard sight in range will be available for use prior to the check-in period (see schedule below).
This range has target stands at 100 and 200 yards and steel targets from 250-500 yards. Bench rests are available for use. After range fees are paid all match fees will be donated to a veteran charity, The Red Circle Foundation. RCF

Register: (
Match Fee: $25. Match Fee will be due the day of the competition.

Schedule: Saturday, April 2, 2016
7:30 AM Shooter check-in
8:00 AM Match begins
4:00 PM Match ends

Safety Requirements: Chamber flags are required for this match. COSSA is a "cold range" and all firearms must remain unloaded at the event site except under direct supervision of an event official. Firearms must be transported from your vehicle unloaded, chamber flag inserted (for rifle only) and in a case (hard or soft), bag or pack. Rifles will be transported from stage to stage unloaded, chamber flag inserted and in their case/bag/pack. Handguns will be transported from stage to stage unloaded in a holster or in their case/bag/pack. Uncased/unbagged/unholstered firearms may only be handled at the safety table. Ammunition cannot be handled at the safety table. Safety tables will be clearly marked with signs. Violation of any of the above will result in a match DQ.

Cartridge Requirements: No Ammo allowed that exceeds 3150 FPS. Absolutely no steel core or green tip ammo. We have magnets available if you are in doubt regarding the configuration of your ammo. If you destroy any of our steel with this type of ammo, you
own the steel. After you pay us for it.

Match Divisions:
Open: 7.62 / 308, 260, 6.5
Limited: 5.56 / 223
Match Categories:
Gas Gun Only

Scoring will be based on time with misses incurring a time penalty.

Rifles: All Rifles must be in safe operating condition and have a functioning safety.

Pistols: Pistols must be in safe operating condition. A minimum of 9mm caliber and maximum .45 caliber. No shoulder holsters or cross draw configuration holsters. Pistol holsters MUST cover the trigger guard of the pistol and the pistol must be secure in the holster. The holster must be worn on the belt, on the strong side of the shooter.
Holsters attached to the front of tactical vests are not allowed. Remember, you may be running or moving out smartly with the pistol in your holster. If the pistol comes out of the holster and hits the ground, itís an automatic match DQ. Pistol magazine pouches are highly recommended.

Supporting Devices and Rangefinders: Only bi-pods are allowed. No pump pillows, shooting bags, or backpacks allowed for shooting support. Range finders are allowed unless noted otherwise in a particular stage description.

Round Count: 50 Rifle / 30 Pistol

Disclaimer: It has never happened but should fire danger become extreme BLM could cancel the match.
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