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It's my first 9mm,

After Firing my uncles Glock .40 (which I will not throw rocks at, it was a great pistol) I decided I wanted a 9mm, just because the rounds are a little cheaper and the Glock had a decent kick to it, We all had a hard time shooting very accurate with it, Mainly because were all a buch of rank amatures (I have a GSXR but it doesn't make me a Moto GP racer). I wanted somthing I would really enjoy at the firing range and be able to carry or use for home defense.

I went and broke it in at the firing range on Saturday and I must say, I'm very happy with my new purchase. I was Down to the CZ75 or The FNS-9, Both are great choices. I went with the FN because I ultimatly wanted a striker fired gun, It is lighter weight and I h I actually Had to take it on faith that the lower bore axis (i really had no Idea it was even a real thing) would absorb percieved recoil like the heavier CZ obvioulsy would. I like the Safties built into the gun, I know that is not popular with some gun owners, I actually Don't mind it. I can keep a round chambered up and have the thing ready to fire if I want to.

From the factory:

In addition to the manual safety, the FNS-9 features Four Major Safeties:
1.Trigger Safety
2.Firing Pin Safety
3.Drop Safety
4.Out-of-Battery Safety

I like the Trijion night sights, although I have not actually fired it in low light, I have gone around the house at night with the Pistol and I think they would be quite handy if you needed to fire a "shot in the dark" so to speak.

In the light of day, they are very user friendly. Big sights, just point and shoot. The Gun was accurate and consistent. The 17 Round clips make it easy to establish a baseline and make adjustments. Just like anything fun though it is always over too quickly. Did I mention it comes with 3 clips?

The Gun has an interchangable backstrap, one is flat and the other is convex. I prefer the convex, the ladies in the family all prefered the flat backstrap. the pistol has a nice feel to it, the grip is very aggressive, which I liked.

The pistol is also fully ambidextrious, which is kind of cool, I didn't do it Saturday, but I'm anxious to try some left hand shooting. My Brother in law bought the same pistol a couple days after I bought mine so I am looking forward to doing some dual wield action as well.

The trigger pull was a bit gritty out of the box, but I did a thorough field cleaning and oiling when I bought the gun and again on Saturday, the pull is a lot smoother, I think it will be buttery smooth before I have 1,000 rounds through it. I saw some reports of jams during break in, and guys having trouble with the drop saftey kicking on and locking the gun up. I had no such problems and neither did my brother in law.

The gun was a breeze to break down, and clean, Oh look! it even has a stainless barell...Awesome!

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Great looking gun! Congratulations!

I thought this was a "For Sale" thread when I first started reading it. But I couldn't figure out why in the world you were selling it when it seemed to work so well for you.
Old 01-03-2013, 02:32 PM   #3
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nice write up~~

how do you like the trigger pull?

Is it long? Does it have any bumps, or feel knotchy?
How does it compare to your glock?
Old 01-03-2013, 11:38 PM   #4
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From: Vancouver, WA
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The trigger pull is different from a Glock, because the trigger safety's are different. If you are dyed in the wool Glock guy you probably won't prefer it. To be candid, I think I like Glock trigger saftey better than the FN, The trigger pull was initially a little "gritty" but is smoothed out nicely with cleaning, oiling, use, cleaning and oiling. Bear in mind I'm comparing a .40 to a 9mm, so of course the .40 is going to have a harsher recoil than the 9.

The trigger pull is about 1/8" to engage the trigger safety and another 1/4" back when it fires and probably less than or right at 1/2" an inch total after it fires. The trigger pull is light and the gun shoots accurate. I love the grip angle and the way the gun feels in my hand.

I'm not knocking the Glock, it's a solid gun and I like it a lot, but I was told that If you upgraded the Glock to match the barrel and springs in the FN, you would be out about $225. You still have ambidextrious controls, upgraded sights, interchangeable back straps, and 3 magazines that came with the gun. Whether you care for the additional safeties or not, it's a lot of ground to cover to get the Glock on par with the FN.

I also saw a 5" competition shooting slide and barrel on the innernets, l if they make it available, I'm probably going to buy it sooner than later.
Old 05-25-2013, 10:17 PM   #5
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Joined: Dec 2012
From: Vancouver, WA
Posts: 266
The longer I have this Gun the more i like it, with the three 17 round clips, it devours a box of 50 rounds quickly. I have put over 1,000 rounds through it, it feeds and fires everything, reloads, hollow points, ball ammo, whatever. zero Failures, It shoots Accurately, smoothly and consistently. I have to live with the fact that there isn't parts and accessories on every shelf of every store like it is for the Glock, but I am still glad I chose the FN.

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