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Chronograph or how fast are they going

First, happy holidays to all. I have been reloading for ~2 years and decided to get a little more analytical about my loads and measure bullet velocity. Can anyone recommend a decent chronograph? From what I have read, these devices are temperamental about lighting conditions and I may need to bring my own lights when at an indoor (poorly lit) range. Some of the systems I have been looking at include:
-Shooting F-1 Chronograph
-Beta Master Chronograph
-Competition Electronics ProChrono Digital Chronograph
Anyone have one of these? Anyone have to deal with lighting issues?


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As long as you used the same range lights (or any others), wouldn't it be consistent within itself?
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I have a Chrony beta. No issues with lighting, but i always used it outdoors.
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Since bullet drop is a 'time to target' function, knowing initial velocity is critical. You can make a ballistic chart for your particular firearm.

Books allow you to 'guess' but knowing exactly what your barrel does and the variations it produces gets you closer to that 'perfect load'.
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A number of the Chronos have lighting kits. You can also use a black felt marker to color the bullet on any test round to help the sensors pick it up as it passes the screens.

The way a chrono works is as the bullet passes under the screen it changes the light hitting the little sensor. This change first starts the timer then stops it. The computer then uses the distant between the screens and the time to calculate the speed. If the light passing through the screen is not strong enough to show a contrast as the bullet passes under it a reading may not be possible.

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Ive used an F-1 for over 10 years now. Blew the face plate off with a rather larger caliber, still works great, just does not have a face plate.

On a side note, my ole man, who was the best long ranger shooter Ive ever known. Never used a chrony. They werent around back then. Yet he did amazing 700-800 yard shots in 22 caliber. Far beyond what most can do with a chrony today.

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