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From: Rock Island, WA
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Mossberg 702 Plinkster *Review*

So, my son recently outgrew his J.C. Higgins single shot .22 bolt gun. As a reward for doing well in school the wifey and I have promised to buy him either a .22 repeater or a single shot 20 gauge, I decided to get him a .22 auto, namely the Mossberg Plinkster.

The gun cost a whopping $107+ tax at Wally World, add another $7 for a cheapo rimfire scope.

What I've found so far, after a 250 round day with it yesterday:

1- It works!, not as smooth as it should be, but I figure another thousand rounds will alleviate the "roughness" of the action.

2- Fairly accurate, 2" groups at 75 yards

3- Extremely light weight

4- This thing is basically a Marlin 60 clone, so it's a tried and proven design

5- 10 round mags suck! Although a 25 round mag is available, it's designed for their AR clone Plinkster, so it will look funny on the gun.

6- A .22 auto has got to be one of the cheapest fun guns you can get!

Hope this review helps, I'll be buying another one of these little guys here soon, the wifey has taken a liking to it, well, that and it's the only "Evil black rifle" I own.
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Old 04-09-2012, 07:24 PM   #2
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From: Grandview, WA
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Mossberg 702 Plinkster *Review*

You're so right when you say a 22 auto is so much fun. I have a 10-shot clip fed auto and my favorite is a tube fed Henry lever action. both have good scopes and are quite accurate. My shooting club has a "second Tuesday" rimfire event that's a blast. I'm a lousy shot, but This is shot at 50 yds at 25 silver dollar sized targets for high score. The only time I made it last year I had a 159 out of 250; only one shot per target. All you can win is bragging rights, the entry fees go to the club. However, the fun for all is great! One of our shooters had 3 10x's and a couple more 9's and 10's. His score was in the mid 220's. I got a ways to go. But I go whenever I can.

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i just bought my uncle his first gun, he wanted a 22 (for the cheap ammo) and he chose a mossberg 702 plinkster, it works fine...
as dartman mentioned the fact the mags only hold 10rounds kind of sucks, they are also like 20$ each, meh.
found that trying to load 10 in there doesnt go so smoothly, but 9 is fine.
the adjustable irons are rather good for a start.
overall a good plinking rifle...
Old 01-18-2013, 01:36 PM   #4
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My friend has the Mossberg International 715T, which i belive is the Mossberg 702 Plinkster, in a AR style shell.

He took the internals completely apart to clean and had a heck of a time getting it back together. He finally found a video on line that helped him out, a couple of weeks later.

He went shooting with it last weekend and when he went to clean it, the recoil spring was broken in half. He has shot less than 2 bricks of ammo through it since he puchased it new.

I told him to contact Mossberg, to see if they would send him a new spring, or if they would want him to send the rifle back for warranty work.
Old 01-18-2013, 01:59 PM   #5
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From: Oregon
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I haven't noticed it to be rough, but prior to purchasing it I had heard reports of them needing totally disassembled and cleaned thoroughly. The first thing I did with mine was take it totally down and strip it clean, and reassemble well lubed. Other than one of my trips to a range when it was trying to double feed (end of the day, lots of rounds) it has functioned perfectly. I really enjoy it.

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