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From: Milton, WA
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M&P45 vs. XD45

Quick review of sorts from the new guys point of view, who has never shot a .45 before. Yesterday at the range, I rented a M&P45 and XD45 (they didn't have a XDm45). Already having a M&P 22 and 9, logically I wanted to try the 45. Also based on reviews out there that I've seen, I was also interested in the XDm. I was just going to try the M&P last night and look for the XDm later. The M&P was basically the same as the other two I have. I felt like yep, it's a a M&P same feel to the trigger, slide felt about the same as my 9mm, and the sights were lined up about the same. What surprised me was the recoil. I was expecting much more than it had, which wasn't much more than the 9mm. I shot 30 rounds, and said what the heck and decided to give the XD a try. The XD was totally different. The first thing I noticed was that the slide took much more effort to rack which is a big downside for me, because I don't have full strength in my left arm/and hand. The hand grip safety didn't bother me, and I like the trigger feel better than the M&P. The recoil was much more noticeable and I found that I shot all over the target. I'm not sure if it was just because I'm use to the M&P's or what. If I were deciding between these two pistols I'd end up with the M&P.

I still want to give the XDm a try before buying the M&P, because from what I've read, the recoil is less than the XD.
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I love my xd. its a 5" in .45acp
The trigger is great, and I hit pretty well with it.

Here's a fairly rapid fire group
3 mags of 10 at 20 yrds

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Damn Josh, I can hardly see the freakin' target at 20 yards. At 25 I'm just happy to hit it. :)

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mandp45, xd45

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