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Old 03-24-2010, 11:40 AM   #1
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From: Richland Wa
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I receintly acquired this revolver from the IRS...... I was very resiliant to buy because of all the reviews of the recoil of this monster. At one time I had decided not to, completly. Everything i read about this gun was horrible except for the carry weight, and that being my biggest pro and the main reason i was interested. But after weighing the pros and cons I decided to buy. So i took it to the range to run a couple through her.
First thing i did was remove the factory wood grips, in favor of the hogue grips that come with. Being i use this gun as a carry gun the hogue provide a lower profile and no sharp edges.
For the first shot i tried single action as to not build anticipation of the impending doom. Keep in mind i loaded loaded all 6 up with 240 grain full metal magtech's. Not max pressure but not light loads by any means.
So after all this build up, i let her rip...... and to much relief it wasnt to bad, actually it was somewhere between my 640pd smith with 38+p and my airlight taurus 357 mag snubbie with 158 grain short barrel personal defense rounds.
Every review i read said a follow up shot is impossible, I can run a full cylinder though her in less than 5 seconds and shoot 3-4 inches at 25 yards.
So my question is to the reviewers of this gun and any body else interested in one, Have you never shot a real gun before?
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From: portland OR
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LOL i read the same reviews about the 360 PD

a 12 oz 357 magnum.

I bought one anyway. you don't even know it is there in your pocket however it does kick pretty good, but not uncontrollable
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From: Salem, OR
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Some people are also pussys lol. I shot one once and yeah it kicked alittle more then I thought but no worse then my xd-45 running crazy hot loads.

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