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Old 11-12-2010, 10:01 AM   #1
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From: Tri-Cities, Wa
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Props to North American Arms

Back in the early 70's, my dad owned a hardware/gun store in Madras, Ore. When NAA came out with thier little .22 short 5-shot revolver, he snagged one. It was passed on to me some 25+ years ago.

It developed an issue a long time ago.. the cyl would not rotate all the way when it was cocked. I finally broke down and called them regarding the issue.

Turns out they have a lifetime warranty on all the firearms they produce.. They were not totally confident they could fix mine due to the age.. (4 digit ser #) but said if they couldn't fix it, they'd just send me a new one. I was impressed!

I was hoping they could fix mine as it has been in our family for nearly 40 years. I took the grips off, so I had something from the original gun just in case..

They fixed it. The ONLY thing I paid for was shipping. All new internals, new safety cyl, new hammer, trigger and barrel. AND they sent it back with thier new polished hardwood grips!

Now THAT is service. Just thought I'd pass it along.

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fukkin eh right man!

Old 11-13-2010, 01:01 AM   #3
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From: Bend, Or.
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Good quality service is how to get things done!
Old 12-27-2010, 02:47 PM   #4
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that just makes me want the one my dad has even more now lol!
Great customer service and lifetime warranties go along ways....
Old 12-27-2010, 08:45 PM   #5
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sweeet!!!! Lets see service like that from the chinese manufacturers.

Hey got any pics of the actual gun? I assume the OP is a stock photo?
Old 12-30-2010, 01:48 PM   #6
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From: Tri-Cities, Wa
Posts: 395
I don't... but with the grips they included free, it looks exactly like the pic above. They polished it perfectly, and installed thier own hardwood grips (an 18.00 option).

The sucker is a new NAA22S in a 1971(ish) frame.

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