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Range Etiquette Question(s)

I'm very new to the world of rifle range shooting. When I was younger, I was a range officer at a county range, but that was mostly pistol, shotgun, with only a limited 100 yard range. But it was controlled by the range staff, with timed firing periods, etc.

I recently joined the Cascade Shooting Facilities in Ravensdale (worth the wait!), and have attended their high power rifle clinic (even got 600 yard certified in the process), and have shot in a couple of high power rifle matches there.

That being said, my rifle range experience (as a shooter) is limited to just those instances at the high power rifle clinics. What I'm looking to do is get some trigger time (outside of just the dry fire exercises, etc.) with Springfield Armory M1A SuperMatch and get more familiar with the operation of the sights, set the zero the way I want, figure out what MOA accuracy this thing really can do, etc. I've put in my order for some targets, but I don't know the actual mechanics of a "day at the range", so to speak. I can navigate a high power rifle match (uncomfortably so, but I can manage it), but don't know the first thing about showing up on a Thursday morning, setting up on the 200yd line bench (maybe the 100yd line to start), and then...what...wait for someone to call a cease fire to walk down and borrow a target carrier at the berm, staple a target to the backer and walk back? Wait for another cease fire? Who's calling the cease fire / live fire times? What other pieces of etiquette should I know about?

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Check in with the Range Officer, tell them your plans and chances are they will work with you and others to the best of their ability.

Depending on where you go, they may have you on another section of the range that they can control a little differently more based on your needs.

Get a spotting scope/spotter to assist
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I'm pretty sure that you have to attend a new member orientation at Cascade before you would be allowed to shoot unattended. If you have done so, the prodedure would have been explained then. If you have not, then I'm thinking you will need to wait until you do. If you have any questions about range procedure down there, the guy to ask would probably be Jerry Bentler.

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