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Lever Action

Hey guy's quick question aside from Marlin, are there any other companies that make a decent 357 lever action? Since the 30-30 is fairly expensive to shoot I thought it would be cool to get one Chambered in .357. I was just curious if Marlin is the only company that still produces them or if there are others out there. If any of you have one of the Marlin 94's chambered in.357 how are they quality wise? Any complaints?
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From: Tri-Cities, Wa
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My daughter has one. Awesome little shooter. She usually runs .38's thru it due to the cost.. but Marlin makes good stuff.
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From: reedsport, or
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Here's a comparison of the Henry, Marlin and Uberti 357 levers. Lever Action
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From: tacoma
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.357 lever guns

hi yall, rossi arms also makes a lever gun in a few calibers. i dont know how to link - but rossi dot com has a good selection.. big 5 sports carries the .357 and .44 mag for 550 plus the governor... sportsmans wherehouse has the mares leg pistol for 450 and tax.. that is somewhat less expensive than others - but they are made in brazil... rossi calls their pistol the ranch hand- but hollywood called it a mares leg- i dont know the show just the reference sorry i dont know more.
Old 03-24-2013, 06:37 PM   #5
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From: Rottenchester WA
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The Mrs 30 WCF is the cheapest thing we have to shoot. Make your own boolits, CCI 200 or any cheap primer. 4895 or R-7, 25gr.

A cheap plinker about 25 cents a round to make. Just buy a Lee Classic Loader and off you go.

Lee Classic Loader 30-30 Winchester

I dont agree with the way this guy does it, but it gives you an idea how easy it is.
Old 03-24-2013, 09:19 PM   #6
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Originally Posted by pakrat57 View Post
Here's a comparison of the Henry, Marlin and Uberti 357 levers. Lever Action
Link fail!
Old 03-28-2013, 12:28 PM   #7
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From: Portland
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I believe Winchester makes their model 1870 in 357. I have a Winchester '94 in .357 (made in 2004) that is a good lever-action carbine.
Old 07-19-2013, 03:23 PM   #8
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From: Seattle, WA
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New here - and very fond of lever action so excuse posting in an old thread.

Henry makes a great Big Boy in .44, .357/.35sp, .45 colt, 30-30 and good old .22

The .357 was on sale at Cabelas for $750. I think outdoor emporium on 4th has one.

The action is smooth and much fun to shoot. Really, any of the Henry lever actions are really good and a joy to shoot. The octagon barrel and the extra weight of it reduce recoil and make for very accurate rifles.
Old 07-20-2013, 07:32 AM   #9
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From: Silverton, OR
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Originally Posted by CascadeSam View Post
I believe Winchester makes their model 1870 in 357. I have a Winchester '94 in .357 (made in 2004) that is a good lever-action carbine.

1870? do you mean 1873?
Old 07-21-2013, 06:23 PM   #10
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From: Portland, OR
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Puma 1892 clone. Less than $500.00. One the Cowboy Action Shooters most popular rifles. My next buy in .357 with 24 octagon barrel.
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357 aside, My favorite lever gun is my Henry Golden Boy.22LR

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