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Eliduc 02-23-2015 07:44 AM

Oregon the 2nd Amendment and Censorship
Bloomberg is geared up and has already begun to promote his deceptive background check bill (Washington 594) in Oregon. Oregonians for Background Checks

Part of the reason disgraced former Governor Kitzhaber was re-elected was because Bloomberg and his shadow, out of state gun control groups contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to Kitzhaber's Campaign. Oregon gun owners are in the fight of their lives to keep their guns. Some people don't seem to get that in order to have any chance at all against these groups Oregon firearm owners need the support of non gun owners.

Oregon is on the verge of beginning it's Vehicle Miles Per gallon VMG gas tax pilot program. The same liberal legislators who want our guns want to put a GPS in every car that will track our every movement and that is the tip of the iceberg. This horrendous bill should anger every person in oregon who drives a car. The gun groups have the opportunity to use opposition to this bill to expose these overstepping gun grabber legislators for who they are. Yet, I posted a summary of the bill on the other Northwest forum and received a warning from the moderator that I had violated their rules against political posts. The post was deleted. In the first place, I question whether a post that merely summarizes a legislative bill is a political post since it does not contain a political agenda or If the political agenda would be a pro gun agenda then why is it a violation of their rules. In the second place, which is more important, keeping our guns or a forum rule. Maybe that rule needs to be changed. When a person has the ability and uses that ability to deny speech that is an important tool against losing our second amendment rights then doesn't that person become an ally of the other side?

fuhr52 03-15-2015 04:20 PM

The common denominator when it comes to loosing rights seems to be democrats. So why is it people keep voting democrats into office then complain about loosing rights? Kind of boggles the mind. Eugene and Portland had more to do with Kitzhaber being re-elected then Bloomberg did.

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